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Idaho Dairy Council

Idaho To provide science-based nutrition education to ensure that educators, health professionals, scientists, media, and consumers have a credible body of nutrition knowledge/resources to use for education and health recommendations. We strive to help all Idahoans adopt healthier, everyday lifestyle behaviors that may enhance their total health and well-being.

Northwest Distribution

Northwest Distribution Northwest is committed to providing you with the high level of service and support you deserve. Northwest Distribution is a division of Good Source Solutions Inc, specializing in acquiring and distributing the highest quality food products for schools and institutions throughout Idaho, Utah, Oregon and Washington.


Simplot Everything good starts with a seed. For Simplot, that seed was planted over 80 years ago by our founder, J.R. Simplot. His simple yet passionate commitment to honesty and integrity has led us to become a company that believes that being good is always right — in our people and relationships, in the portfolio of products we offer, and in our impact on the earth's resources.